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Samsung's 2.1-channel rocking N120 netbook now available for pre-order

Tim Stevens

While most complain about slow CPU speeds on netbooks, the thing they universally lack is a decent sound system. If nothing else Samsung's N120 could be an improvement there, featuring enough bezel to house a pair of speakers, and there's room for what must be the world's smallest subwoofer in there somewhere. Of course, all that bezel was really to make room for a bigger keyboard, but we already knew that, and we now know the thing is showing up at retailers across the web for pre-order at prices falling in the $450 - $475 range and colors at either end of the light spectrum: black or white. With that keyboard, those speakers, and 10.5 hours of battery life, this sounds like a solid entrant to the netbook races, especially for anyone more interested in sound than color.

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