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Sigma Motorworks developing EV based on Ford Mustang

Darren Murph

With Tesla struggling to make ends meet -- let alone become a thriving, profitable automaker during a time when all people want are non-gas-powered vehicles -- we have to say that Sigma Motorworks has its work cut out for it here. According to head of operations Matias Gorfinkiel, the Sigma GTE is "a test bed for a commercial high performance sports model that [it] will bring to market by early 2010." Autoblog reports that most of the vehicle is based on Ford's storied Mustang, with its front and rear differentials coming directly from Ford and the GTE cockpit ripped straight from an older model Pony car. If all goes well (which isn't likely, honestly), it'll provide around 100 miles per charge and could hit upwards of 145 miles per hour; of course, finding the funding to put this thing together is another matter entirely, so don't go placing a pre-order via some Nigerian-based sister site just yet.

[Image courtesy of AutoblogGreen]

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