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Streaming iPhone via bluetooth in the car


When all of those iPhone 3.0 features were first announced, one of the features that stuck out most to me was the incoming A2DP ability -- the new iPhone OS will let you stream out music to a Bluetooth source, like headphones... or your car. And over at, the guys got their hands on a Toyota Venza with Bluetooth capability, and did just that, as you can see in the video above. It's pretty slick -- no wires, no annoying pairing, just hit the Bluetooth button on the iPod, choose the car's Bluetooth source, and press play. We're not sure about audio quality (it should be at least listenable), but it looks super cool.

There are, as usual, some catches. I for one was disappointed to hear that this A2DP ability won't work with first-gen iPhones like mine -- you'll need to have a 3G to do something like this. And of course, this will require the iPhone OS 3.0, which isn't technically out yet (though devs in Apple's development program are playing with it right now, which is why you can see it in the video above). And finally, you'll need a car with the Bluetooth capability, which (though I haven't owned or shopped for a car for a few years, so maybe things have changed a bit) is still kind of hard to find.

But hey, even if you're not there yet, here's a look at the future. Where we're going, you won't need wires to get your iPod playing music on the car stereo.

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