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Taito's Wii LostMagic followup arrives in Japan May 21


We last heard about Takt of Magic (and first heard about Takt of Magic) when Nintendo slipped the game into its Japanese media conference lineup video. The latest Shonen Jump, as reproduced by Siliconera, finally brings another mention of the Taito-developed action RPG, revealing a Japanese release date of May 21, along with a few screens and a bit of character art.

The exact relationship between this game and the DS's LostMagic is unclear -- it could be a sequel or a "spiritual sequel." The new game, which stars new characters Charlotte and Orville, uses a gimmick similar to LostMagic's touchscreen spell input: spells are done by drawing runes onscreen with the Wiimote pointer. We'll have to wait until Nintendo says anything at all about this game to find out more.


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