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The DS Ghostbusters game is Ecto-cooler


We know very little about Red Fly Studio's DS Ghostbusters game. It'll have more of a business-management component, much like the classic David Crane Ghostbusters, and it'll use an exaggerated graphical style like the Wii game, but we haven't heard much about the experience of playing the game. We now know from a Co-Optimus interview that it'll be awesome in a way no other version of the new Ghostbusters game is.

"Driving the Ecto-1 is an exclusive feature for the Nintendo DS version of the game," Red Fly's Dustin Dobson said, "although it will certainly play a big part in all of the games." Sadly for the Wii version, there are no plans as yet for a proton pack attachment, as far as Dobson knows. "But whether or not an official pack accessory is made, I am sure custom ones built by fans of the movies and games are going to pop up! I am excited to see what people come up with." Somebody buy one of the movie props and mod it. You guys have money. You can do this.

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