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The Maw developer's 'Splosion Man is real, real weird


Two days, two games starring heroes who explode, neither of them jokes. We caught Explodemon! but managed to miss The Maw creator Twisted Pixel's intentionally cheeky announcement of a game called 'Splosion Man amid the April Fools mess. We surely didn't miss the follow-up confirmation that -- bizarre as it sounds -- the game is real.

Planned for Xbox Live Arcade, the game is "a 2.5D action/platformer based around the simple concept of 'splosions and the ridiculousness that ensues," according to its developer. Born of an experiment conducted too close to the sun, the titular Man will run through levels destroying everything in his wake, including the scientists trying to capture him. They're reduced to "chunks of ham and ribeyes, the smell of their destruction terrifying, but also a little succulent."

From the sound of things, the game will be heavily focused on racking up points based on destruction, but will also feature large-scale boss battles and story sequences integrated into gameplay. Twisted Pixel is planning four-player co-op (yes, there are three other 'splody guys) via local and Live play. Given the dev's success with The Maw, consider our interest sparked.

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