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A-DATA launches colorful line of CH91 portable HDDs

Darren Murph

Do you have any idea how many episodes of Matlock you can fit on 500GB? No really, do you have any idea? To be totally frank, neither do we, but you'll be hard pressed to find a half terabyte of portable storage more nicely colored than this to hold said episodes on. A-DATA has just introduced its CH91 external HDD, which is available in sizes up to 500GB (via a single 2.5-inch drive) and is completely USB powered. The only difficult part here is choosing between sapphire blue, sweet pink and purple white -- oh, and finding a price. Full release is after the break.

Amplify the charm of your mini-notebook with A-DATA's colorful CH91

Enjoy technology with a touch of style
If you are a notebook user, don't hesitate making CH91 your first choice to match with your trendy notebook! With huge capacity up to 500GB, the 2.5" external hard disk drive CH91 surly is the right choice for people who need to carry large file all the time and express unique personal style. To keep your stylish mini-notebook accompanied, the Classic CH91 is coated in a metal-like paint spray in a compact size. Now available in sapphire blue, sweet pink and purple white, the new CH91 is a perfect match for your classy mini-notebook.

A-DATA's product design in line with international trend
In addition to CH91, two of A-DATA's products were also honorably awarded by Reddot award 2009- the T806 kissing Octopus Couple Flash Drive and S805 Neo-stylism Flash Drive. This shows the product design quality of A-DATA Technology has been recognized by international design industry. Take the 2009 Reddot for instance, out of the 3,231 products submitted to Reddot by 1,400 companies from 49 countries, A-DATA distinguished itself from the intense competition with its sleek product design and won three prizes from the Prestigious Reddot Design Award 2009. A-DATA technology has been recognized and awarded by the Reddot Design Institution for four consecutive years. The continuously winning of international Design award reassures A-DATA's commitment to deliver top quality product design.

About A-DATA
A-DATA technology is the world's second largest vendor of memory modules (DRAMeXchange, May 2008), 2007 Taiwan Top 20 Global Brands as well as Emerging Brand (Interbrand, July 2007). The company's main product lines include memory modules, USB Flash drives, memory cards, and data storage products. A-DATA's corporate philosophy emphasizes constant innovation, first-rate quality and superior product performance; its innovative products have led the way in the memory industry. A-DATA products have won many major international design awards, including Germany's iF Design Award and Reddot Award, Japan's Good Design Award, Best Choice of Computex Award, and Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. To find out more information about A-DATA technology, you can visit the A-DATA website at

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