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Around Azeroth: Multiplicity


We've received several additional pictures of last night's chaos on Spirestone. Nick, Failicus, and Chimmychummy all sent in shots of the madly spawning mammoth vendors Mojodishu, Drix Blackwrench, Hakmud of Argus, and Gnimo. A quick visit to the Spirestone forums shows that the vendors were not despawning when people dismounted from their mammoths. A poster on the Customer Service Forum suggests that as Spirestone had been having server issues all day, this may have been a deliberate attempt by a few people to crash them and force a restart. Or, of course, it could have just been an unintentionally hilarious bug result. More pics below the cut!

A sea of green text. Looks like Horde is dominating this game.

Will the NPCs get banned for violating TOS? F U, indeed.

It ended when the vendors committed mass suicide in the fountain. (Not really.)

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