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Consumers don't believe in "green" electronics


To the question if there's really demand for eco TVs, the answer is apparently no, but not necessarily for the reasons you'd think. In a Retrevo survey, 75% of people answered that energy efficient products were important to them, but less than half had actually bought one, with the number dropping to 35% for those still interested if it required paying a premium. Most people don't trust so called green products, and probably with good reason, just because a TV says it is eco friendly, doesn't mean that when you saw it on display, or the default when the box is opened, is the most power sipping mode. Retrevo's advice to manufacturers? Be more consistent in what they label energy efficient, while all we can recommend to other buyers is the same as usual, educate yourself on every product and double check those settings. Friends don't let friends leave "torch" mode on.

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