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EA Grand Slam developer: MotionPlus is too sensitive


EA looks likely to be the first third party to ship games that support the Wii MotionPlus device with Grand Slam Tennis and Tiger Woods 10. The company may even beat Nintendo itself, unless Nintendo decides to announce a release date for Wii Sports Resort, and then ship it, before June. So, presumably, someone working on Grand Slam Tennis has had enough time with the attachment to know what's up.

Thomas Singleton, producer for Grand Slam, said that the device is actually a little too good at registering one-to-one motion. He told TechRadar that "At times it's overly responsive. It had so much fidelity that at times we have limited that fidelity to make it a compelling experience and giving you full total control." So EA reduced the amount of control you have in order to give you "full total control?"

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