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Guitar Hero: Metallica supports Lips mic, Rock Band 2 patch 'this summer'


Microsoft has issued a plea to new and future purchasers of Guitar Hero: Metallica for Xbox 360 to also please, please, PLEASE buy its Lips karaoke game -- for the microphones. Didn't you know? The metal music game features built-in support for those uh-huh-they-do-sparkle mics. Neversoft, the current Guitar Hero developer, initially confirmed this compatibility -- which isn't coming to World Tour -- on its Twitter feed last month, but the posting has since been removed. Nevertheless, Guitar Hero: Metallica is the first music game to support the much praised, wireless Lips peripheral, which has been unsuccessfully bundled with a mediocre singing game.

Additionally, Microsoft has tentatively dated that long-ago-promised Rock Band 2 patch for "this summer" and suggested that additional titles supporting its mic will be available later this year. When, surely, we'll be able to purchase a standalone Lips mic. Pretty please?

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