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Mods: Unreal Tournament meets Sonic the Hedgehog

Majed Athab

In the past, we've seen a number of cool Unreal Tournament mods -- including that fascinating LEGO creation from a year ago -- but we've never seen anything quite like the Sonic the Hedgehog mod (posted after the break). The concept takes the gun-slinging action of Unreal Tournament to Sonic's Green Hill Zone. The mod looks just like the original level from the first Sonic game; it even sounds like it (listen to the bumper sound effects), though it's missing the original's catchy background music.

Just don't go showing this off to Sega. We don't want the company getting any bright ideas ... you know, like: "Sonic Shooters." Sonic and the Black Knight was just about all the innovation that we can handle.

[Via our dear friend Josh!]

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