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Sniper getting next TF2 class update, still working on 360 update

All of the monkeyshines which occurred this past April Fools' Day weren't completely without newsworthiness. For instance, Valve's April 1 update revealing the Sniper's newest (and fakest) armament -- weaponized jars of urine -- was a hint that the Sniper class would be the next Team Fortress 2 class to get the update treatment. In fact, Valve promises it will be the biggest update thus far, with new maps and gameplay tweaks. In addition, a second update, due to arrive before the Sniper pack, will add "some new content for all classes." Probably no jars of urine, though.

Also, if you're a member of the incensed mob of players of the (mostly) non-updated TF2 for the 360, the latest Valve update includes word that the developer is still working to bring new content to the console. So please, put down that torch and pitchfork. You'll put someone's eye out.

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