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Prototype dev diary surprisingly light on explosions


A new developer diary has been released explaining the story elements in Radical Entertainment's Prototype. According to the video, the game's main character, Alex Mercer, wakes up on an operating table as doctor's are beginning to autopsy his body. Not one to let himself be autopsied alive, Alex gets the hell out of there only to discover that he has lost his memory and gained inhuman abilities. Alex's task is to find out what happened to him, meeting friends and enemies along the way, by using his newfound abilities.

One such ability allows Alex to consume people. When Alex consumes someone, he not only gains their appearance but also their memories. He can then piece these memories together using the 'Web of Intrigue' system. It uses an interesting visual style, offering what appear to be stream-of-consciousness snapshots of memory. Hopefully the story it reveals will be worth the effort. Of course, if it isn't, you can always drop elbows on tanks.

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