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Another wish-list for Engineers

Amanda Miller

Earlier this week, we discussed the state of the Engineering profession. Most notably it seems that while Blizzard is currently happy with Engineering and has no near-future plans to make any hefty changes, many Engies in the community are as frustrated as ever.

The profession is probably the most imaginative of them all, and really lends itself to fantasy brainstorming. This type of wish-list formation is a common topic on Engineering forums and blogs, and even here at WoW Insider.

If you've been following any of these posts, or would like to start, check out Kagura's Engineering Idea Bank for WoW Engineers. It specifically addresses some of the demands/issues made in the forum post that sparked our examination earlier in the week. While I did conclude that Engineering does seem to be on par with most other professions, there is no reason that we can't dream.

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