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McIntosh celebrates 60 years, reissues classic stereo gear from its 1960s golden years

Steven Kim

If your idea of a perfect evening involves taking in some classic two-channel stereo recordings while basking in the glow of tubes, get ready for a blast from the past courtesy McIntosh. In celebration of its 60th anniversary, the company is releasing limited edition bundle of its classic C22 preamp and a pair of MC75 monoblock amps. The reissues feature updated circuitry -- in the case of the MC75, reliability is improved while the sonics remain faithful to the original, and the new C22 has been brought up to modern performance standards and an IR remote has been added (because getting up out of your chair is so 1960s). To top it all off, each of the 120 bundles will include a signed copy of McIntosh's For the Love of Music, and in case you were wondering, "McIntosh limited" means pricey -- $15,000. Lucky owners are encouraged to supply their own scotch and smoking jacket.

[Via Switched]

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