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Red Mile CEO steps down, ex-pres takes top spot


In these trying economic times, we've spent more time than we'd like writing up story after story about layoffs and business (or lack thereof) -- this is a site about video games, right? Fortunately for us, today's tale revolves around the ol' corporate musical chairs routine rather than a bunch of folks getting canned, as former Red Mile Entertainment CEO Chester Aldridge steps down from his position and (now former) Red Mile president Simon Price steps in.

According to an SEC filing made in late March, not only is the company losing Mr. Aldridge but also Kenny Cheung from its board of directors. Mr. Cheung founded and currently owns Tiger Paw Capital, a venture capital firm that invested $1 million into the ailing company recently -- though we hear that's about $9 million short. Can we stop contextualizing corporate reshufflings now?


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