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Rumor: iPhone OS 3.0 to include video editing tools


It might seem like a big leap from a phone with no real video capabilities to one that will trim and clip your creations on the fly, but that's the implication of a few graphic elements sussed out of the iPhone 3.0 firmware by Ben at (original site in German, translation here). He's spotted some art resources that seem to show editing, scrubbing and clip functions in the next version of the iPhone's firmware.

Note that Engadget Mobile pointed out an "Upload my Video" button in the MobileMe area of a 3.0 iPhone last month.

Even though there are jailbreak apps now that leverage the iPhone's camera for video use (ustream and Qik, in particular), Apple hasn't yet shown its hand on video directions in 3.0. Giving users the ability to edit their video on-device before uploading, emailing or MMS-ing would be a spectacular feature, and there's a lot to like about the idea of a pinch/stretch UI for managing a video timeline. iPhone, meet iMovie? Still, if you planned to do a lot of video work on your phone, a 32 GB model with a faster processor and better camera would be ideal...

Thanks, Ben

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