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Samsung shimmies three ultra-thin bezel LCDs into its 460UT-series

Steven Kim

What ups the wow factor more -- ultra-thin displays that seem to just hang on a wall, or a wall that is a display? Yeah, we thought so. For those who still believe in the simple pleasures of screen real estate, Samsung has introduced the 460UT, 460UTn and 460UTn-UD -- 46-inch LCDs with bezels only 2.4-mm thick on the right and bottom and 4.3-mm on the left and top. The models differ only in ancillary features -- built-in networking in the 460UTn and Samsung's Ultra Definition video wall management software in the 460UTn-UD -- with all three panels packing the same 3,000:1 contrast ratio, 700 nits of brightness and 1366x768 resolution. Tell your friends you're not getting a 1080p panel, then silence the scoffs when you show them your 2732x1536 (or more) video wall.

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