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Veto override for Utah game bill still possible, improbable

Utah-based newspaper Deseret News recently ran a piece about the extraordinary measures Utah state legislators would need to take to resuscitate HB 353, which enforces strict penalties on retailers who sell M-rated games to minors, following Gov. Jon Huntsman's somewhat unexpected veto. The paper claims "legislative sources" are reporting neither the Utah House nor Senate have the votes to reach the two-thirds majority to override the veto -- though this may end up being the smaller of two hurdles supporters of the bill will need to clear.

The larger obstacle standing in the way of HB 353's sponsors is cold, hard cash. Earlier this year, the legislature canceled an "interim study day," effectively saving the state $25,000. In order to call a legislative override session, the state would essentially spend the funds they saved due to the cancellation. Hopefully, they have the good sense to just let the thing die -- on the off chance that they should manage to pass the bill once more, they'll almost certainly be paying more than $25,000 to the ESA for legal fee reimbursement.

[Via GamePolitics]

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