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Bounty Hunter is Sith Empire only and full of choices in latest BioWare dev blog

Kyle Horner

We know about the basics of the Bounty Hunter class in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but not the finer details of the how and why. That's where BioWare's first developer blog on classes comes into the picture. The focus of the piece is to explain the reasoning behind choices made concerning the Bounty Hunter, and in its mission to do so a little bit more of the game is revealed.

For instance, since each class will have its own story and both the Republic and Sith Empire are to have different quest experiences entirely, a character class will only exist on one side. This means that Bounty Hunters are Sith Empire only -- so we hope those who're planning on rolling this class aren't too set on being on printing business cards with "The Republic" on them.

What excites us most is the bevy of choices BioWare is attempting to make available to players. "Does your honor come from getting the job done or being a good person? Is your loyalty to your crew, your conscience or your credits?" It's questions like these that perk the ears on our heads. And our hope is that delivery will be made so that our precious time can be ticked away on a galactic battle between forces of good and evil.

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