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Age of Conan offers chat and prizes

With the current 7-day free trial going for Age of Conan and DX10 working, eyes are starting to turn back to Funcom's brutal and bloody MMO set in Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age. If you've been on the fence about popping back in to play again, Funcom and Xfire have sweetened the deal for you with some really cool prizes for logging time in Age of Conan. You can log as little as one hour, or 50+ hours, depending on which package you'd like to take a try at. Some of the goodies up for grabs range from a free lifetime subscription to Age of Conan to cool gaming keyboards, to in-game items for your character.

Added to that, Funcom are holding an upcoming chat with the Xfire community on the 10th at 5pm EDT. As an added bonus for those who are interested in attending, they're offering five lucky winners who attend the chat a copy of Age of Conan, a free one-year subscription, and a pile of in-game goodies. So if you are enjoying the updated Hyborian homelands, head over to Xfire and get registered to win some gaming goodness.

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