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Epic and Metaboli ink deal, Unreal series heading to GameTap


Epic Games, developer of the Gears of War series and everyone's favorite jackrabbit franchise, has apparently signed a deal with Metaboli, the European "partner" to digital download services GameTap and Games Planet, reports Develop. The contract solidifies a three-year partnership between Metaboli and Epic, with Epic bringing its entire Unreal series to the table.

It remains unclear whether or not Epic will bring other franchises from its stable to the services but if the ailing economy dictates anything, it's the likelihood of folks selling what they can wherever they can. We contacted Mark Rein, VP of Epic Games, for comment and he told us it's, "Too early to know." It's a certainty we won't see the aforementioned Gears of War franchise though as it's handled by Microsoft. Rein told us, "Microsoft handles Gears of War PC distribution so that would be their deal." Sorry folks!

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