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First legitimate city capture in Warhammer Online

Brooke Pilley

This world-first was over six months in the making: One of the realms finally managed to overtake their enemy's capital city in Warhammer Online without any known form of exploitation. Destruction of Karak Eight Peaks (EU) defeated Karl Franz over a 14-hour marathon run this weekend and successfully captured Altdorf.

In dramatic fashion, the Third Realm alliance finished the necessary public quests gating the king instance with only two minutes remaining. After a number of wipes, they had Franz caged and ready for rotten fruit and vegetable target practice. They were rewarded greatly for their efforts.

Taking out the king in WAR is no easy feat as it requires hours upon hours and luck upon luck to gain the necessary gear to do so. Hearty congratulations are definitely in order (no pun intended). Mythic recently announced plans for a new token system that should help players get into the necessary warded gear faster than before. However, it's hard to say how long it will be before we hear news of another city capture. Was this sacking a one-off or have the floodgates opened?

You can watch a video of the king fight after the cut.

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