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Sony spins out of control, says DSi ignores 'significant gamer demographic groups'


Trying his very best to minimize the impact of the Nintendo DSi launch, Sony's John Koller sent out a statement that basically says that the new product isn't a big deal compared to the PSP. That's expected, right? What isn't expected is how far he has to travel outside of reality to get to that conclusion.

"Significant gamer demographic groups are being ignored," Koller said, "and there continues to be limited opportunities for games from external publishers to do well on the DSi." We suppose that the new options for third-party games are somewhat limited by the fact that it's the same platform, although there is that whole downloadable game store thing now.

But here's where it gets really weird: "Compare that with the PSP platform, where we have many blockbuster franchises from our publishing partners launching this year, representing a wide variety of genres and targeting diverse demographics. Games such as Rock Band Unplugged from MTV Games, Assassin's Creed from Ubisoft, Dissidia Final Fantasy from Square Enix, and Hannah Montana from Disney demonstrate the commitment that publishers have to the PSP."

The same franchises demonstrate the commitment that publishers have to the DS! Assassin's Creed came out on DS last year. Doesn't that say something about Ubisoft's priorities? In addition, a Final Fantasy game came out on DS just last month, adding to the rather large lineup of Final Fantasy games. Hannah Montana has been out on DS forever, in multiple iterations. And as for Rock Band ... well, okay. The DS doesn't have a Rock Band game. Just three Guitar Heroes.

So who's being ignored? People who really love God of War, perhaps.

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