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The Daily Grind: MMORPG or MMOSPG?

Over the years I've played in MMOs, I've seen a lot of the social structure changing. I don't think it's entirely just my perception as an old fart - it's more a process of the games changing as well. In EverQuest for example, getting to endgame (at least without lots of death runs) involved grouping. In contrast, you can solo from 1-80 in World of Warcraft without ever having to group up once. While this has opened the genre up to lots of new players who normally wouldn't likely have played MMOGs, some might say it's also taken something away.

This morning we wanted to ask you if you felt it was better to have what we'll call a 'classic' MMORPG experience - one where grouping, at least for some small measure of time - is a required mechanic before you hit endgame, or experience all that the game has to offer? Or do you prefer the current MMOSPG (massively multiplayer online single-person game) feel of "in the world with others, but just soloing and chatting" that is seemingly becoming more common? Do you find that games designed for MMOSPG experiences turn you off since nobody will group? Alternately, do you find MMO games that require grouping annoy you?

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