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Acer Timeline hands-on


We just got all friendly with Acer's new Timeline lineup, and while we couldn't technically grasp at the hours upon hours of battery life they're promising, we could definitely feel the palpable presence of longevity. The laptops are very much an interesting blance; they're thin, but not astonishingly thin, they're heavy for their looks (especially the 15.3-inch), and they're styled aggressively in some ways while incredibly conservatively in others. We're not sure we're sold on the funky trackpad setup -- the right and left buttons aren't articulated, are sunken below the level of the touchpad, and are rather hard to touch -- but we like that Acer is really embracing multitouch here. The chiclet keys have a lot of great travel to them, but the board overall felt a little cheap and "prototype-ey" -- it may very well be a prototype.

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