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Analyst says Wii manufacturing costs down 45% since launch


Since the Wii released in November of 2006, it's progressively become a more profitable venture for Nintendo. Not just because it has been constantly flying off retail shelves, but because Nintendo has managed to drastically cut down manufacturing costs during its life, Koya Tabata of Credit Suisse suspects. In fact, Tabata says costs are down a whopping 45%, which could mean Nintendo is banking much more than the previously reported $6.

Of course, any talk of reduced manufacturing costs is inevitably going to lead to talk of a price cut, which Tabata says is a real possibility. Emerging markets could be the first to see a price cut, Tabata commented. With Sony hoping to take market share away from Wii with its $99 PS2, it might be the right time for Nintendo to trim some fat.

[Via Eurogamer]

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