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BMW devises smart car door that senses danger


BMW has already clearly shown that it wants to make its cars as smart as possible, and it looks like that extends right down to the doors, which have now been smartened up with a little help from the Technical University of Munich. According to New Scientist, the pair have developed a prototype door that uses a range of sensors to detect any oncoming dangers, and work in concert with an accelerometer in the door to prevent it from being opened. What's more, the sensors are apparently also able to detect the proximity of the object and adjust the resistance of the door accordingly -- for instance, slowing the door down if you're about to slam it into a lamp post. The current prototype does apparently have a bit of a problem when it comes to field of view, however, although BMW says that can be remedied with some added cameras in future versions, which could possibly be in actual cars in as little as a year -- though it's quick to point out that it hasn't made a final decision just yet.

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