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Bplus mines proto-3D nostalgia for Vektor Tank


Bplus, developer of Plattchen and Niki - Rock 'n' Ball, both for WiiWare, has just announced its next game, which is weird in a different way from the last two: Vektor Tank, a tank combat game that channels the spirit of the early '90s into one delightfully awkward-looking game.

Judging by this teaser video, Vektor Tank has it all: big ugly polygons, endless, flat expanses, and robots. According to Bplus, it's "a totally original genre-mix featuring action-packed shooting gameplay, exciting tactical tank combats in a destructible environment and of course lots of explosions."

The Wii (not WiiWare) game features two-player co-op and one-to-four-player battles. Bplus is currently looking for a publisher, which means there's no release date yet.

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