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Cox prepping a multi-room DVR for sometime this year

Steven Kim

Cox Communications will be bringing its own multiroom option to its DVR lineup, but it's keeping quiet about some significant details -- namely, the debut market and timing. Aside from our inability to get excited about a feature that may not be coming to our service area for an undetermined price, Cox is at least hitting some key points for the new multiroom option, including support for HD, larger hard drive capacity and sharing content around your home using MoCA technology. Tru2way was not mentioned specifically for the "next generation guide" software also promised for the DVR, but we wouldn't be surprised to see that make the cut. So yeah, Cox is ticking off some checkboxes, and we'll keep hoping for a really good cable company DVR; but as most folks who have compared a TiVo with the cable co DVR will tell you, usability isn't necessarily spelled out in the feature list.

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