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Rumor: Lego Rock Band shows up on Harmonix GDC slide


In January, a rumor came out about an upcoming Lego version of Rock Band in the works from Lego Star Wars/Batman/etc. developer Traveller's Tales. After a few months, we had forgotten all about our daydreams of seeing tiny, macaroni-like minifig arms windmilling on jaggy guitars like rectangular yellow Pete Townshends.

The game seems to have resurfaced, according to Kotaku, in an early version of a slide from Harmonix's Dan Teasdale's GDC Rock Band presentation. "So, it looks like Think Services put up a version of my slides that was sent for speech approval rather than the version that I actually showed at GDC," Teasdale said on his blog. The "Lego" box, if it was really there in the first place, was gone by the time the slide appeared in the actual presentation. The slide now available on his website has also been amended.

It could be a joke from the Kotaku fan who seemingly spotted the pre-corrected slide, or it could have been a joke from Teasdale. There remains, however, the possibility that Lego Rock Band really will arrive this year between Rock Band Unplugged and The Beatles: Rock Band. The slides also mention several Guitar Hero releases, including Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero VH (probably Van Halen) and Guitar Hero BH. The preponderance of unannounced Guitar Heroes makes us lean toward "joke." We contacted Teasdale to confirm this, and he referred us to MTV PR, with whom we've left an inquiry. We'll let you know if there's even a 1x2 brick of truth to this!

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