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Tropos rolls out new line of 802.11n outdoor mesh routers


Looking to give your massive outdoor wireless network a bit of boost? Then you might want to consider one of Tropos' new 802.11n mesh routers, which offer a little something for anyone with upwards of $3,000 to spend. At the top of the heap is the dual-band Tropos 7320 (pictured above), which boasts a modular design that can accommodate a whole range of antennas to suit your needs, and the ability to be powered by either a regular power adapter, Power over Ethernet, or an optional built-in battery backup module. The mid-range Tropos 6320 hangs onto most of those features but drops the modular antennas, while the basic Tropos 6310 goes one step further by ditching the dual-band capabilities in favor of plain old 2.4GHz. If that's all a bit too much for your needs, however, you may just want to snag one of Tropos' previous 802.11a/b/g routers, which have all been given a 29% price cut to make way for the new models.

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