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Being cheap made easier with CAG's new price tracking

Majed Athab

There's nothing wrong with saving a buck or two (or twenty), which is why the wallet guardians over at Cheap Ass Gamer are doing what they can to make deal hunting easy. The site has just implemented an adjustable "Price Email Alerts" feature that automatically sends a tip to your inbox once a game hits the low price you've personally set. Just make sure to set somewhat realistic price points -- or you might have an empty inbox. In the video posted after the break, CAG's CheapyD explains how to use and benefit from the new feature.

Additionally, CheapyD told us that CAG is planning to roll out a game trading system that will tie in with its new "collection" and "wishlist" features. "The main goal here is to make CAG a video game shopping portal," said CheapyD. "We want to have the best of everything related to video game shopping and trading." We were also told that the new trading system will have Goozex integration -- for all those who engage in other forms of online trading.

Currently, the email alerts (and other new features) only work for US and UK deals, and are only available to members. Membership is free, though, in case any of you cheapos were wondering.

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