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Black Prophecy trailer offers a first look at gameplay experience

James Egan

The brave new world of sci-fi MMOs is fast approaching. At this rate, it won't be long before science fiction and post-apocalyptic themed games are as ubiquitous as fantasy titles in the MMO marketplace. Among the space-based titles that will be gunning for your play time is Black Prophecy, in development at Reakktor Media.

They announced today that the Black Prophecy community forums are now open and released a gameplay trailer as well. We expected the trailer to be a flashy collection of aggressive footage cuts, but what we see is actually rather refreshing, in that it's a more accurate representation of what it'll be like to play Black Prophecy. It starts off with the login screen and progresses through some of the gameplay elements from the perspective of a pilot, switching between the standard third-person MMO view and a first-person cockpit view of the action. The trailer also shows off some interesting aspects to combat such as the ability to target specific areas of large vessels and of course the various ship modifications players can make.

You can download the high def version from Reakktor which clocks in at a hefty 443 mb, but we've also got the gameplay trailer embedded for you below, best viewed in fullscreen HD. If you've been wondering how Black Prophecy might compare to other space-themed MMOs already established in the market or upcoming titles like Jumpgate Evolution, the gameplay trailer should give you an accurate picture of where the title is in terms of development.

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