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Crytek registers 3 new trademarks, none start with 'Cry'


German developer Crytek recently filed three new trademark applications and, in a move that shook Joystiq at its very foundation, none of the names trademarked start with the word "cry." "Carvatar," "Kingdoms" and "Gface" have all been filed for by the developer -- names for games already in development for next gen, perhaps?

We reached out to Jens Schäfer, PR manager for Crytek, who told us, "I'm sorry but we usually don't comment on trademark applications." The law of wild speculation dictates in situations like these that we must make up the silliest possible explanation and as such, we offer you this: Hyper-realistic, car-based avatars with face recognition software tied to Gmail accounts to be used in Crytek's upcoming MMO, Kingdoms. That's the obvious answer.

Trademark 1 - Carvatar
Trademark 2 - Kingdoms
Trademark 3 - Gface

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