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Get 8-bit on your fridge with Magnetic Pixels


A cute idea for homes without small children, the Magnetic Pixels box comes with 1400 10mmx10mm colored magnetic "pixels" from Kikkerland for $30 (or buy directly from the creator). In the right hands, we can imagine some inspired 8-bit art covering those blank white canvasses known as refrigerators.

Here's actually where we could use your help: Is there a repository of 8-bit character design? Like, you see that piece of graph paper in the picture? Is there something like that on a website somewhere for people to easily fill in cubes with colors and save for easy reference? There's, which works well and has a search, but isn't ideal. We're talking something super simple, please don't mention complex apps. Otherwise, we'll have to come up with our own idea on how to fix this inspiration issue, cause lord knows -- especially by looking at our photochops -- we don't have an artistic bone in our barely literate bodies.

[Via OhGizmo]

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