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New iPhone ads. It's all about the apps isn't it?

Mel Martin

As my colleague Aron Trimble has pointed out today, Apple has launched a new series of iPhone ads. As they have done recently, these 3 new commercials talk about all the added functionality the iPhone gets from having many thousands of apps available.

There are some ironies that cross my mind as I look at and enjoy the usual creativity from Apple.

One of the apps highlighted is a point of sale system that runs on an iPhone. Most ironic, since if you go the the Apple Stores the POS system they use is running on Windows CE. They're the little portable credit card units the sales people carry.

These ads emphasizing the variety of apps also makes me chuckle, as I think back to how Steve Jobs insisted in June of 2007 that web apps would be enough for iPhone users. Not only was that not true, but by changing his mind, Apple has generated millions of dollars in revenues it would never have made. It could be argued that the addition of apps has revitalized the iPhone and iPod Touch and given life to a device that was showing some weakness before the SDK was allowed. As the many reviews we've done here show, there truly is something for every taste, or lack of taste at the App Store. Like other good ideas, they're hard to protect. Microsoft, RIM, and the Google Android all have app stores either running or on the way. Let's drink a toast to Steve giving in.

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