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One Shots: Family reunion

When it comes to worlds like Middle-earth in Lord of the Rings Online, you really can't blame a whole family of MMO players for settling in together to adventure. Not only is the price excellent for an MMO, but it's a rich, lush world full of great adventure from young to old. Today's One Shots comes to us from a family we've heard from before. Pontifax Stanis wrote in to update us on what they've been doing. As with some of our recent submissions, this one is a bit longer, so we're going to post the rest behind the break for your reading pleasure. As always, if you'd like to join the fun, drop us an email at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, story, and screenshot!

I am back to you with a special shot. Remember me and my two sons in the Shire? Well, now we just had time for a quick picture near the entrance to the Elves forest in Lotholorien. This was taken 4th of April, Saturday, on the Laurelin server, in Europe, where we do our RPG adventures. Father Hunter, on the left, Pontifax, and his two sons, the Guardian Ferdlac, and Adelacar, another Hunter. The Stanis from the Michel Delvin, in the Shire.

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So this is a picture [of] me and my two sons (19 and 15 in real life) who also [RP as] my sons in game. We keep playing together, although we do have some other toons besides the hobbit family. This is not a great picture - more a family snapshot - because everybody was eager to go and do other things inside Lord of the Rings Online.

I've been wandering around in the forest of Lotholorien at dusk and daybreak, and can tell you there is some fantastic light there to see. Maybe I'll send you a pic one of these days. For now have a look at a family reunion again. It's proof that whole families can live - and have fun - inside LotRO, even so [long] after the first picture was taken.

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