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The Daily Grind: Would a cheaper subscription get you playing more?

Let's face it - things are rough insofar as the general economy goes. People are being much more cautious with their cash, and especially now, they want much more value for their dollar when it comes to entertainment spending. What used to be OK at $15 may no longer be such a good deal, and with more free-to-play games coming all the time, players have a lot more options for entertainment.

In the comments for the poll we ran the other morning, there were some who noted that they've kept Lord of the Rings Online accounts in part because they felt it was a good value for an MMO. Others noted that they've switched to free-to-play games like Runes of Magic, or pay-once like Guild Wars to get their gaming on. Beyond that I also know a few parents who have opted to switch to FusionFall for family gaming, since it gives you the ability to have four different accounts for $9.95 a month. With that under consideration, this morning we thought we'd ask you - would a cheaper subscription cost for MMOs across the board (say, all of them drop to the $9.95 model of Lord of the Rings Online - or maybe even offer some lifetime options) get you to play more games - or perhaps jump around and try out other games? Would a cheaper subscription rate bring you back to a game account you may have let lapse due to harder times?

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