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The mysterious 'New RPG' from tri-Ace is End of Eternity

Having followed the guidelines for teasing the announcement of a new RPG to the letter (almost as if the guidelines were written retroactively in response to the game), tri-Ace has moved on to the natural next step: the exclusive reveal in Famitsu magazine (before the countdown expires), which is then immediately scanned and made available worldwide.

The new game is End of Eternity, being published by Sega on PS3 and Xbox 360 this winter in Japan. According to Siliconera's translation, the game stars characters named Zephyr, Subject 20, and Vashyron, the last of whom is "employed in a private military firm." The battle system, accordingly with the military theme, involves real-time gunplay elements. Of course, there's been no announcement of an international release, since the Japanese release was announced just now.

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