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Toshiba's Satellite Pro S300-EZ2521 is as bland as they come

Darren Murph

Ready for one more excuse to snooze through hump day? Here you go. Toshiba's Satellite Pro S300-EZ2521, obviously the latest in its growing S300 line, is about as perfectly average as a 15.4-inch laptop can be. We're talking a 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 3GB of DDR2 RAM, a 250GB (5400RPM) hard drive, SuperMulti DVD burner, WXGA resolution panel, GMA 4500MHD graphics, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and a built-in webcam. Furthermore, the actual enclosure just screams "Designed For Office Cubes," and while we don't have confirmation just yet, we'd wager that the 40 metric tons of bloatware would further substantiate that claim. There's no mention of a price, but those in the market for a strictly-business machine should find it shipping any day now.

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