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Want a weightier Wii experience? Try 'Riiflex'


In one of the most unexpectedly practical ideas to hit the world of ridiculous Wii accessories, Power Play Corporation has announced the upcoming release of "Riiflex," a set of dumbbells designed to fit the Wiimote and Nunchuk inside. Just making the controllers heavier allows you to turn normal waggling into a workout! This item was announced back in January, and now it's available for preorder at an unfortunately hefty $34.95 price for two-pound weights, or $39.95 for four-pound weights.

The Wiimote attachment features a hole in the front for the pointer, and both the Wiimote and Nunchuk holders allow access to the triggers. Of course, most dumbbell training courses consist mostly of repetitive motions targeting specific muscle groups, and not just, uh, waving one arm around while holding the other one still, but we still think this is a neat idea. Especially when compared to other crummy Wiimote shells!

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[Via Engadget]

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