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We see an ESRB rating in The Conduit's 'All Seeing Eye' trailer


The beginning of this trailer for The Conduit reveals the answer to one of the biggest questions surrounding High Voltage's FPS: the ESRB rating. Yes, that was one of the biggest questions surrounding The Conduit, along with the identity of the publisher. It's controversial and kind of mundane at the same time!

Of course, with The Conduit, we understand the concerns about the ESRB rating. The Conduit is labeled T, which may be a disappointment to those of you hoping for a nonstop bloody mess -- or a relief to those of you fearing sleeping gas and Nerf guns.

This trailer demonstrates the "All Seeing Eye," the item that deciphers alien writing, interfaces with computers, and pretty much seems to do everything. We're going to call it the "Plot Device."


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