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90 percent of consumers think they should be allowed to back up DVDs

Ben Drawbaugh

We just can't get enough of surveys that state the obvious and then one ranks up there with the best of them. The crazy thing though is that the results weren't 100 percent -- we're going to chalk this up to the remainder not understanding the question. What should be music to the ears of the MPAA though is that 79 percent said they weren't interested in actually copying DVDs and that 40 percent said they'd be more likely to buy DVDs if they could copy 'em. All interesting stuff, but everything has a price and that price seems to be about $60, which is the amount most would be willing to pay for DVD ripping software. We'd like to say that statistics like these will help motivate the MPAA to give up on criminalizing fair uses of our media, but we realize this would just be wishful thinking.

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