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Ask Joystiq Nintendo: Interwebs Edition


This week in Ask Joystiq Nintendo, we deal mostly with issues relating to the DS and the Internet -- how to get online with a DS system, and interfacing with the Internet once you get there. We also start the Countdown to New DSi Colors, for the benefit of those of you who are somehow unsatisfied with the blue DSi (or the Gyakuten Kenji white DSi).

Do you have a question for the sages experts dudes at Joystiq Nintendo? Simply email your query to asknintendo AT joystiq DOT com, and we will stare at it until an answer becomes apparent!

MissMoy asks:

Hi, do you have an idea how long it typically is before Nintendo starts releasing other colors? My son wants a DSi, but wants a red one.

Let's use the most recent anecdotal evidence to try to guess. The North American launch of the DS Lite was on June 11, and the announcement of two new colors (Onyx and Coral Pink) happened just two months later on August 26. Even more recently, the Japanese launch of the DSi on November 1 was followed by the announcement of three more colors in February. No guarantee that any of them will be red!

Judging by history, we shouldn't have to wait more than a few months to hear about some new colors.

Othello Chappell asks:

I was looking at the YouTube footage on the comparison of the web browser for the DS lite vs the new DSI and I must say the DS looked liked crap. Any chance that Nintendo will update the browser for all of us DS Lite owners?

Signs point to "no" on that one. Rumor has it that the original DS Lite version of the browser was discontinued in mid-2007 -- a rumor borne out by the cartridge's current unavailability. The lack of reprints or orange-bar versions means that it probably didn't light up the sales charts. In addition, another packaged, cartridge-based browser would have to be sold at retail price ($20-$30) to cover the cost of production as well as whatever licensing fees are involved, and that would not make for good press -- after all, the DSi browser is available for free.

Collector alert: the DS Phat browser is still available at Nintendo's online store.

Benni asks:

Why won't the DSi play nice with Apple's Time Capsule (yet the Wii and DS/DS Lite connect just fine)? Is there any way to fix this aside from sharing the wireless connection through a computer or getting a different router?

According to this Apple support thread, it seems that the DSi can't connect to the Time Capsule when the Time Capsule is using a WEP connection. If the DS Lite is out of the picture, you can go ahead and use WPA for your Wii and your DSi, and that should solve the problem.

Every week, we'll answer reader questions about the Wii, the DS, or any other Nintendo-related topic in Ask Joystiq Nintendo. If you have a question, e-mail it to asknintendo AT joystiq DOT com! You need your questions answered, and we need content for this column. It's a symbiotic relationship!

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