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One Boss Leaves: Ionar zaps Ichoron


Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in WoW Insider's series of fantasy death matches. This season's bosses come from the five-man instances of Wrath of the Lich King.

Ionar electrocuted Ichoron in the ring to emerge victorious in this week's fantasy boss deathmatch. The electricity vs. water matchup evoked theories ranging from the fantastic to the scientific ... to the Pokemon. (It's true -- we suspect more than a few readers actually cast votes for Ionar over Ichoron based on Pokemon. /facepalm) Ichoron definitely carried the support of readers who took time to break down the fight in the comments, yet in the end, Ionar jolted out the final vote.

"Ichoron would win," theorized jafari. "It goes like this: They trade spells for a while, then Ichoron protective bubbles. Ionar, believing this one to be in the bag, casts Static Overload on Ichoron, hoping to kill the elementals as they approach, but Ichoron is immune. Desperate, Ionar casts it on one of the elementals, hoping to AOE some of the little buggers."

"Unfortunately for Ionar, the Static Overload immediately kills the elemental it is cast upon, also causing Ionar some damage and knocking him away from Ichoron. The AOE component is completely wasted.

"After making his way back to Ichoron, Ionar disperses right next to the bubbled Ichoron, hoping his electric spiders can wipe the elementals.

"Unfortunately again for Ionar, his dispersion spiders all go in the same direction and some of Ichoron's elementals reach Ichoron and restore some of his life. Ichoron easily avoids the spiders and gets right back to it when Ionar reforms.

"After the first round, hoping to learn from his mistake, Ionar uses Arcing Burn to beef up the DoT from Static Overload, but the ticks are wasted because Ichoron bubbles again, leaving Ionar afraid, demoralized and desperate.

"Ionar immediately disperses when Ichoron bubbles, not knowing what else to do. This time, he has some more luck, and nearly all of the elementals are down. However, Ionar is getting low on health and Ichoron is able to queue up a Volley before Ionar reforms, hitting him with a Volley/Water Blast combo for the win."

Electricity's not the problem
Kinka objected to the whole water vs. electricity debate raised by others: "The water electricity debate is moot. Water only is conductive when it has electrolytes in it. If you were standing in PURE water, that is to say, NO other molecules or atoms besides H2O, and someone shocked one end of the body of water, you would be just fine. It won't conduct anything. Add some salt though, and we have a different story. That is why the ocean is so dangerous during a thunderstorm.

"To me though, the moves they both have are rather pointless. This is a question of what happens when one element touches another.

"If Ichoron is assumed to be pure water, and Ionar pure electricity, then it would likely be a tie. Ionar's currents would be quickly stifled on contact by Ionar's pure water. Ichoron would be instantly vaporized by the heat (NOT the current) of Ionar's lightning arcs (lightning can be upwards of several thousand degrees Fahrenheit, more than enough heat to liquidize water). MAYBE one could get the upper hand on the other, but believe it or not, pure water sort and lightning in this case would just sort of cancel each other out ..."

The final word
Sygerrik drew what was perhaps the most eloquent conclusion of all those who commented: "I'd say it's a draw. They'd meet in battle, lock blades, then their eyeless faces would meet and it would be true love. They'd abandon their implements of destruction for a truly elemental cuddle.

"Of course, then we get Hurricane Elementals, with the fury of water and the chaos of storm."

Vote in the next deathmatch (with more bosses from the five-man Wrath of the Lich King instances) when Two Bosses Enter returns later today.

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