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Second generation Blu-ray ships for Mac

Mel Martin

MCE Technologies announced today that they are shipping their second generation Blu-ray drives for Macintosh computers. These drives, which come in both external housings and internal models for Mac Pro desktops start at $399US. They are the fastest and most comprehensive Blu-ray drives available for the Mac so far. Last summer, MCE released their first generation of Blu-ray drives.

The will burn at 8X for Blu-ray, 16X for DVD R/RW + DL, 40X for CD-r/RW, 5X for DVD-RAM and HD DVD-ROM. Some models support HP Lightscribe for burning labels onto appropriate disks. All the drives are natively compatible with OS X 10.5.2 or later, and can record directly from within the finder without any specialized software.

Blu-ray movie discs and content can be created with Adobe Premier Pro, Roxio Toast 10 Pro, and Final Cut Pro.

Since Steve Jobs was famously for Blu-ray before he was against it, Apple has not included any Blu-ray hardware in stock Macs, but the OS as mentioned supports burning data discs. Unfortunately, you can't view a Blu-ray movie on a Mac unless you are running Windows XP or Vista under Boot Camp.

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