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Telltale: Strong Bad sales have doubled since SD Card Menu update, more WiiWare coming


It appears that some of the kids who "boycotted" the Wii Shop Channel until Nintendo offered some kind of fix for the storage issue have, true to their word, started buying stuff. Telltale Games sent out a press release claiming that sales of the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People series have "more than doubled" since the GDC unveiling of Nintendo's "storage solution." Telltale didn't specify any numbers -- just that whatever the rate of sales was since GDC is better than whatever the rate was before.

"Nintendo's new solution really opens the door for players to add to their collection of downloadable games, which is critical for a series with multiple installments," Telltale CEO Dan Connors said in the press release. "This is a major step forward for episodic gaming. We're looking forward to even greater success on WiiWare with Strong Bad, as well as other projects."

Other projects!


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