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Two Bosses Enter: Svala Sorrowgrave vs. The Prophet Tharon'ja


Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in WoW Insider's series of fantasy death matches. This season's bosses come from the five-man instances of Wrath of the Lich King.

Ever want to throw two bosses into the ring simply because they've both annoyed you? This week's Two Bosses Enter deathmatch strikes me a little that way: Svala Sorrowgrave of Utgarde Pinnacle vs. The Prophet Tharon'ja of Drak'tharon Keep. As much as I constantly urge readers to keep real-game play experiences out of the debate, I have to confess to mentally categorizing both these bosses under the "ZOMG, not this fight again..." section in the Annoying Speed Bump category.

Yet here they are in the ring -- so "to battle!" The usual rules apply. Assume that these foes share similar levels, health pools and damage output. We'll have to assume Sorrowgrave has somehow managed to drag an altar into our little Thunderdome, and we'll allow her to summon her three Ritual Summoners to pin her opponent on the altar. For the Prophet's part, since there are no players for him to turn into skeletons (and since he would be unable to turn Sorrowgrave's assistants into skeletons if he were pinned on the altar), we'll allow him to turn Sorrowgrave herself into a skeleton (with appropriately scaled abilities).

Focus your debate on the three S's: Style, Story and Scale. Don't get caught up in game mechanics and what actual players might do in each encounter. Consider the flavor each villainous gladiator brings to bear, then cast your vote for who you think would come out on top.

Svala Sorrowgrave, Utgarde Pinnacle
My liege! I have done as you asked, and now beseech you for your blessing!

Svala Sorrowgrave, the first boss of Utgarde Pinnacle, is a Vrykul who is being transformed by the Lich King himself into a Val'kyr just as you enter her room. She periodically sacrifices an opponent on her altar, held in place by three summoned Ritual Channelers who must be killed to release the victim.

What makes this fight different from the one you are used to as a player is that Sorrowgrave may find herself turned into a skeleton before she can put her opponent on the altar. What happens then?

Read more about Svala Sorrowgrave's battle tactics and review comments from players who've fought her.

The Prophet Tharon'ja, Drak'Tharon Keep
Tharon'ja sees all! The work of mortals shall not end the eternal dynasty!

The last boss of Drak'Tharon Keep, the Prophet Tharon'ja is a large skeletal Wind Serpent (rather similar in appearance to the Avatar of Hakkar). The Prophet Tharon'ja is known for ripping the flesh from the bones of some of the most formidable Ice Troll Warriors. From the upper tiers of the fortress, Tharon'ja watches as waves of Undead Trolls pour from the keep's corridors to bolster the Scourge ranks in their assault on Zul'Drak.

Remember, there are no players in this battle for the Prophet to turn into skeletons, and he won't be able to turn Sorrowgrave's assistants into skeletons if he's pinned on the altar. In this battle, we'll allow him to turn Sorrowgrave herself into a skeleton, with appropriately scaled abilities. Consider the strength of her abilities in skeletal form to equal those of a full party of player characters. How will it work against her? Against him?
Read more about The Prophet Tharon'ja's tactics and review comments from players who've fought him.

The smackdown
The usual rules apply: assume that the opponents share similar levels, health pools and damage output, and that they are fighting in neutral territory (while Sorrowgrave still possesses her altar). Note the handling of the Prophet's ability to change opponents into skeletons as noted in the section above. Vote for the spirit of the battle based on how we've outlined the scene here.

Can you come up with a convincing scenario in the comments that will sway other readers to vote for your chosen victor?


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